Symbol Factory .NET

Symbol Factory .NET 2.0

Adds animated elements to Visual Studio.NET
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Enhance and update the projects developed and opened in Visual Studio.NET applications by adding new animated objects from the suite. It features a data library with over 3,600 industrial and manufacturing objects accessible for combination and export.

Symbol Factory .NET is a .NET software component used for adding animated objects from a library of over 3,600 industrial and manufacturing objects into your Visual Studio.NET software applications. Symbol Factory .NET is built around .NET Framework 2.0, so VB.NET and C# in Visual Studio 2008.

Main Features:
- Over 3,600 animatable Graphics in 60 industrial categories in the Standard Control
- Vector graphics scale up and down in size without loss in image quality
- Unlimited number of instances on a form
- Free Cutaway Control included for doing tank type fills
- Context sensitive help
- Free sample code for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008
- Free training videos

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